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Complete Commercial And Residential Solar Systems

Sunflare Solar Systems, an Australian-based leader in solar innovation, proudly calls Victoria and Tasmania home. We specialize in bespoke residential and commercial solar PV installations, tailoring solutions to the unique energy needs of homes and businesses across Australia.

As electricity costs soar and unpredictable spikes loom, Sunflare Solar is your beacon of sustainability. Our seasoned team brings extensive experience to every project, offering a seamless and swift transition to solar energy. By harnessing the sun’s limitless power, we provide a compelling answer to the challenges posed by conventional energy sources.

Beyond installation, Sunflare Solar Systems represents a commitment to control costs and break free from the shackles of rising bills imposed by non-renewable giants. Embrace a future powered by the sun with Sunflare Solar – where innovation, affordability, and environmental consciousness converge for a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.

Innovation, Quality And Continuous Improvement

Streamlining Your Solar Transition: A Simple 6-Step Guide with Sunflare

Switching to solar power with Sunflare is effortlessly simple. Explore the six easy steps to embrace sustainable and clean energy for a brighter future.

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Contact us today by phone or email to explore the ideal solution for your complete home solar system. Our solar experts utilize cutting-edge AERIAL HD imagery technology to assess your property and engage in a comprehensive discussion about your energy consumption and usage patterns. Let us tailor and recommend the optimum solar system for you.

Design and Recommendation

After confirming that your roof is suitable for solar installation, our experts will analyze your electricity consumption and rates, tailoring the system design to your specific location. Utilizing the current buyback (feed-in tariff) from your electricity retailer, we meticulously calculate to maximize your potential savings.

Govt incentives and rebates

Sunflare Solar’s dedicated team streamlines the paperwork, overseeing the entire installation process and facilitating your applications for government incentives and rebates. Benefit from the STC rebate to significantly reduce solar installation expenses. Our inclusive no upfront finance options cater to both residential and commercial projects, ensuring a hassle-free solar installation experience for all eligible Australians.

Exclusive range of top tier products

Our team will assess your home’s specific needs to recommend the most suitable TIER 1 product for your area.  We will then discuss the warranties provided by the manufacturer, coupled with our quality assurances to ensure your peace of mind.


Our Installation team will assign the job to our best available CEC solar installer (clean energy council solar installer) license holder. Once we assign the task to our expert installer, we will call to discuss the installation day and time.

Exceptional After-Sales Support: Elevating Your Customer Experience

As a cherished Sunflare Solar member, anticipate outstanding post-sales service. We are dedicated to delivering optimal care for our customers. They not only enjoy our services but also save money while contributing to environmental well-being through Sunflare Solar.

mproving The Performance Of Solar Energy.

Discover Independence Through Using The Power Of Solar Panels!

We offer products, solutions, and services across the entire energy value chain. We support our customers with affordable energy systems. Learn more by contact us

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