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13.3kW Electric Solar Systems

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Residential Solar System

More than 2 Million Australian Homes have Adopted Solar Power!
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How Residential Electric Solar Systems Work:

As it is generated, solar power is fed into the home and is used first before you draw power from the grid.

This means that you are directly reducing the power bill by the amount you would have otherwise charged for the electricity for each kWh of solar power used in the homes. The key financial advantage of solar power is this reduction in your power bill.


Electricity prices vary from house to house, and many households are now on schedule to bill for use.


How much will a 13kW Home solar system reduce the cost of bills?

A 13kW solar system’s potential savings depend on how much solar power you can use at home at the time of generation. Usually, you can save from 22 to 30 cents a kWh (depending on how much you pay for your electricity), and you will be charged around 5-13 cents a kWh depending on your retailer for the power you send back to the grid. You will save up to about $1000 to $1300 per quarterly bill with a 13kW solar panel.

A 13kW Solar System Energy use

Number of Panels:  36 x 370W Panels


Output:  50 kWh a day average (see below)


Potential Savings:  Depending on your electricity cost, $1000-$1300 a bill Average Payback Period: 3 to 6 years


Cost: From around $10,000 to around $20,000


Suited to:   larger homes using on average around 50 kWh a day during the daytime (or over 24 hours with battery storage)

How many home solar panels are required for a 13kW System?

The larger the system, the more important it is to buy quality panels to ensure you maximize reliability, increased output in all weather conditions, and the system’s longevity.


The other consideration is roof space. We can use 39 x 335W panels instead of the standard 47 x 275W panels by installing high-efficiency panels.


Extra Small Energy User53.2kwh per Day Output – 19,418* Kwh Per Year

Solar Mounting Kit


Save up to 80% to 90% on your electricity bill



9.9kW solar system can generate between 14,454* kWh per annum

Save your energy bill conservatively $1950 (average) per anum with our 9.9kW domestic solar power system

9.9 kW Domestic Solar Power System-Amount of produced energy

The power production of 9kW solar power systems has various variables affecting them. They are:

  • The angle of tilt and orientation for the solar arrays
  • Climatic local conditions
  • Geographic location
  • Nature and amount of shade on the panels
  • The panel, inverter, and other solar part efficiency metrics, etc.
  • The conservative calculation below indicates the annual average power production capacity of a 6kW domestic solar power system operating at an efficiency rate of 75%.
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