9.9kW Solar System

9.9kW Solar System

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Residential Solar System

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Among many of our residential and commercial users, the 9.9kW Domestic Solar Power System is another staple. Daily, the 9.9kW solar system will squeeze an average of 33kWh of power out of the sun. Typically, a 9.9kW domestic solar power system is paired with 27 to 33 panels (depending on the wattage of the solar panels offered; to get 9.9kW you only need 27 of the 370w solar panels) and an inverter of 8kW or 10kW. 27 to 33 CEC Approved Solar Panels, an 8kW or 10kW CEC Approved Inverter (Three Phase), Roof Mounting and Electrical Kit approved for use in Australia will be part of the whole package.


Area and panels Needed for installation of a 9.9kW electric solar panel?

As per Solar Power Installation experts,

  • Every average domestic solar power system measures 1.7m2.
  • FolayoutW solar system with 275 to 330-watt modules, 34-30 panels are required on average.
  • To layout, a 9.9kW device, a roofed area of 53-58m2 (approx.) will be required.
  • The area needed for the purpose will depend on the roof design, the design of tilted or flush-mounted solar frames, etc.


Performance Test for Solar PV Panels Payback period:


In Australia, solar panel buyers target a low payback period-the amount of years their device has taken to “break-even” in terms of energy savings on bills and other credits. Annual savings will depend on the degree of self-consumption of solar energy, installation type, and price points.

Area and panels Needed for installation of a 9.9kW electric solar panel?

Extra Small Energy User
39.6kwh per Day Output – 14,600* Kwh Per Year


1 Residential grade inverters.

Solar Mounting Kit


Save up to 80% to 90% on your electricity bill



9.9kW solar system can generate between 14,454* kWh per annum

Save your energy bill conservatively $1950 (average) per anum with our 9.9kW domestic solar power system

9.9 kW Domestic Solar Power System-Amount of produced energy:

The power production of 9kW solar power systems has various variables affecting them. They are:

  • The angle of tilt and orientation for the solar arrays
  • Climatic local conditions
  • Geographic location
  • Nature and amount of shade on the panels
  • The panel, inverter, and other solar part efficiency metrics, etc.
  • The conservative calculation below indicates the annual average power production capacity of a 6kW domestic solar power system operating at an efficiency rate of 75%.